Frequently Asked Questions

Hello, welcome to our FAQs page where you'll find answers to questions such as - How do I get a replacement item?.  How do I make schedule changes?  What happens if I forget to pick up? What about the holidays? Help, what do I do with kohlrabi?  How to care for my produce?

Produce Storage

Leafy greens 

Some people prefer to pre-wash everything immediately, then store.  Initially, this is more work but  it saves time later  in the week.  The most important thing remember is that the items must be fairly dry before packaging (damp is okay).

1.  Remove the green ties and rinse in a large bowl of cool water until clean, changing the water as necessary.

2.  After rinsing, spin dry.  Then lay everything out on a table containing several layers of terry cloth towels.  They can sit for a few hours depending on the weather.  But you don't want them to wilt.

3.  After that, shake off any remaining water by gently tapping each item on the towels.

4.  For storage, use an airtight container and refrigerate. Types of packaging can include tupperware containers or plastic bags.  I use the Evert green bags which come in several different sizes.  After use, I rinse out each bag and tack them to the fridge with magnets until dry.  I have re-used the same bags for almost two years now.  If a bag needs more than just a water rinse, spray with a vinegar water solution and let sit for a few minutes, rinse well and hang to dry.

5.  If  pressed for time, skip the pre-wash but I remove any green ties so that the item will pack loosely into it's storage container or bag.  When ready to use, rinse well in a bowl of water until clean, changing the water as necessary.  Spin dry.

Root Crops 

*The most important thing to remember about root crops is to immediately cut off the tops about 1" or less from the root if they are still attached.  If stored with the tops on, the roots will lose their crispness and flavor.  You can store the tops separately and use in salads or a braising mix.

1.   Remove tops, rinse in fresh water, pat dry, and set on towels until mostly dry.  Store in an airtight container or bag.

Strawberries , Blueberries, Blackberries

*Do Not Pre-Wash

As soon as you get home, sort through the berries and separate the super ripe from the firmer ones.  Use the ripe ones that day or store single layer in an airtight container lined with paper or cloth towels and refrigerate.  Use them asap.  Store the firmer berries in the same way and use within 2-3 days at most.  You can rinse and pat dry prior to using.

Other Fruit 

Avocados - ripen them inside a paper bag in a warm location.  Rinse and dry before cutting.  Reed avocados are hard shelled.  Test for ripeness by gently pressing the stem end (button end) and then the opposite end.  If both give slightly, they are ready.  Refrigerate any ripe avocados immediately and use within 2-3 days.

Apples - store immediately in a crisper drawer with no bag or container.  Do not leave apples out on a counter as they need to be in cold storage at all times, otherwise they will get mushy.  Rinse and pat dry prior to using. 

Citrus - store in crisper drawer.  Rinse and pat dry before using.  The citrus in your CSA boxes are picked tree ripened so do not leave them out on the counter.  If you don't like cold fruit, you can remove them from fridge a few hours before using.

Grapes - keep stored in the clam shell but use within 2-3 days.  Rinse and pat dry prior to using.

Melons - refrigerate, rinse and pat dry before using.  Once cut, use within 1-2 days.  If you like your cantaloupe melons soft-ripe, leave them out on a counter for a few days until very fragrant.  If they arrive super ripe, refrigerate immediately. 

GuavasRefrigerate, rinse and pat dry before using.  These will keep well for several days.

More Information

For more information, search 'tips' on our website under individual items name; Celery Tips for example.  These pages will contain lots more information. 


Are the CSA boxes guaranteed?

Yes, our CSA boxes are guaranteed to be fresh and flavorful.  We offer replacements whenever necessary.


Farmers' market pick up sites:

  • replace items whenever necessary
  • no need to contact the office
  • spoiled items can be tossed out, no need to save and show us
  • this is an honor system so just let the guys at the market know you had a bad item and you will be picking out a replacement

All other pick up sites:

  • send an email to our office letting us know what needs to be replaced
  • items will be sent with your next delivery
  • replacement items are not packed in a box but are delivered separately
  • what belongs to you will be marked on the sign in sheet


What's the difference between placing a box on hold and a box cancellation?

When you place a box on hold it is automatically added to the end of your schedule.  You do not lose the box.  A cancellation occurs due to lack of payment.

What happens if my delivery day falls on a national holiday?

NOTE: Schedule remains the same unless an email notification of schedule change is sent.  If a change is made it will be as follows:

At farmers' markets - the boxes are delivered to a private residence, in the nearby vicinity, either a day before or after the holiday.  A timely email notice is sent.

At all other pick up sites - boxes are delivered either a day before or after the holiday.  A timely email notice is sent.

How do I make a schedule change?

There are two ways:

  1. You can make 'do-it-yourself' changes through your online account before the deadline (deadlines & instructions below).
  2. After the  'do-it-yourself' deadline has passed, you have a few days to email a request.

What are the deadlines for do-it-yourself changes?

It depends on your delivery day of the week:

Delivery day: Deadline:
Tuesday                            Saturday midnight
Wednesday to Sunday     Sunday midnight

What are the deadlines to email a request for change?

Delivery day:                 Deadline:
Tuesday                           Monday 11:00 am
Wednesday                     Tuesday 11:00 am
Thu - Sun Wednesday 11:00 am

How do I place a box on HOLD?
1.  log on to your CSA account
2.  click the cardboard box icon
3.  on your calendar, one by one, select the date(s) you want canceled
4.  click the 'Hold Delivery' button
5.  this can be done for one date, or multiples dates, done one by one

I changed my mind, how do I reactivate a delivery?
1. log on to your CSA account
2.  one by one, select the date(s) you want to reactivate
3.  click the 'Reactivate' button for each date individually

What happens to my box when placed on hold?
It is automatically added to the end of your schedule.

*Bi-weekly Subscribers Please Note: Your next delivery after a canceled box is two weeks later.  If you wish to resume the following week, send an email notice as it can only be done by administration.

Can only paid boxes be placed on hold?

No, any of your delivery dates can be placed on hold whether paid or not.  For example, if you know your vacation dates now, you can place them on hold even though they are unpaid.  When a renewal order is placed, the system will automatically schedule the deliveries around those dates on hold.

I missed all the deadlines and consequently I'll get a delivery I cannot pick up.  What can I do?

As soon as you join the CSA, we recommend arranging backup with a few friends or family members who can pick up your box for you. 

I've exhausted all options and I have no one to pick up my box or I completely forgot to pick up my box.  What happens now?

Our official policy is that we are not responsible for unclaimed boxes.  However, as a courtesy, we will add money to your CSA online cash account that will be used towards your next purchase.


At Private Residences -  The host should phone with a courtesy reminder at the end of the day.  Contact them immediately and make arrangements for box pick up either later in the evening or the next day.  If they do not hear from you by noon the next day, the box is removed from pick up.

At Businesses - If you cannot make it on time, call and arrange to pick  up after hours or the next day.  They will leave your box outside for evening pick up or hold until the next day but only if you call and arrange the details.

REMINDER: Have the phone number of your host programmed into your phone

What happens to unclaimed boxes?

At markets they are donated to charity.  At other sites, the host oversees unclaimed boxes.

Why can't my missed box be saved and scheduled for pick up at another location?

We cannot save and ship boxes to another location for two reasons:
1. The farm has an extremely small refrigeration unit so there is no storage space. 
2.  We would need to run through several channels to mark the box as yours making sure no one else gets the older box later in the week. 

Can I change my pick up location for one week only?

Yes, you can change the pick up location for one or more dates by sending an email request by the deadlines outlined above.  Please note that the system only moves forward within a week period from Sunday to Saturday.  For example, let's say your delivery day is Thursday, June 07, you would not be able to change it to Sunday, June 10.

What is the color code index for the online calendar?

The four colors you need to know:
Green -   a delivery date whether paid or not
Gray -      a delivery date that is on hold
White -     a no delivery date
Pink -       cancelled for lack of payment

How can I tell how many paid boxes are left in my account?

  • Log in to your account 
  • go to your subscription page
  • on the left column of the table you'll see the word 'DUE' - there you will see how many paid boxes are left in your account.

How do I renew my subscription?

Use the link in you email renewal notices or log in to your account.  From your DASHBOARD, make your renewal purchase.  If you are not logged in, you will be making a purchase from the Store and will open a new account.

How do I change my subscription at time of renewal?

After logging in to your account, change your subscription order, before making any payments or clicking any renewal buttons.  After you make the changes, then process your renewal order. 

Why am I being billed again for the $20.00 fees when I place a renewal order?

At time of renewal, the system will show that it is billing you for the one time  fees again.  Just disregard and proceed with your order.  Once it is processed the fees will go away. (The software company will be changing this soon)

I'm halfway through my current order, can I upgrade (or downsize)?

Yes, just send me an email notice and we'll make the necessary changes.

This produce is different from store bought, how do I store?  How do I prepare some of these strange, new veggies?

If you are new to CSAs and find it a little challenging, don't fret, there's help at your fingertips.  Farm fresh, organic produce requires different handling than store bought.  Additionally, there may be some items you've never heard about such as kohlrabi, mizuna, tatsoi or rapini. 

Cooking With CSA is an online community of  support. They provide 5 weekly recipes that are plant-based, gluten free and made with the produce found in your CSA box. Join them for video demonstrations, one on one coaching and much more!

Visit their website for more information: