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TWO Box subscription. Choose Box size / Small $32.00 ea. /Regular $40.00 ea. / Wide variety of Fresh Organic Certified seasonal produce in each box. 1 box delivered at a time, each week or every other week. We recommend the Auto Renew feature in this subscription.

Regular Box - pay every 2 deliveries$80.00 Price:
Small Box - pay every 2 deliveries$64.00 Price:
Regular Box - 2 deliveries$80.00 Price:
Small Box - 2 deliveries$64.00 Price:
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To see the box contents, go to this website page:


Here you will be able to view the contents of both size boxes over the last several months.

Items are selected weekly by the farmer. 85-90% is grown directly on the farm. A small percentage is sub-contracted to other local, family run farms. All items in the box are clean, fresh and certified organic.

With 120 acres under cultivation, we grow a wide variety of crops from arugula to zucchini. Pests are controlled by beneficial insects, crop rotation and proper soil management. We use the finest fertilizers such as rock phosphate, green sand, worm castings and kelp. You are assured the produce grown at J R Organics is richer in vitamins, minerals and flavor than most vegetables, herbs and fruits you could obtain anywhere else.

J R Organics also specializes in heirlooms, not just tomatoes but other crops such as red carrots and lemon cucumbers.